Strategies for Peer- and Self-Editing, In and Out of the Classroom

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Graham Oliver is a teacher, writer, and editor living in Taipei. He currently serves as an Adjunct Instructor at the Academic Writing and Education Center of National Taiwan University. His writing has appeared in Harvard Educational Review, Commonwealth Magazine/天下雜誌, Guernica, and elsewhere. His areas of interest include the teaching of writing, literature in translation, and video game narratives. He holds an MA in Rhetoric and Composition as well as an MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University."

承辦單位:The EMI Resource Center

聯絡人:劉嫻慧 0229393091分機60328


活動日期: 2024/05/30(四)

時間:早上9:10~中午12:30 認證時數: 3小時    



講者姓名:Mr. Graham Oliver

講者現職:國立臺灣大學寫作教學中心兼任講師 Adjunct Instructor

Date : May 30th, 2024 (Thu)
Time : 9:00-12:00 活動備有餐盒
Venue : Dah Hsian Lecture Hall, Dah Hsian Library, National Chengchi University


From grad school applications to social media posts to job cover letters to dating profiles to meeting notes to reports to letters home, writing is a foundational part of every person's life. Despite this, we rarely spend time on the art of proofreading and editing. Being able to give feedback to others and improve your own writing will offer a big advantage in the classroom, workplace, or even in your personal life.

No matter how famous a writer is, whether a journalist or scientist or novelist, their work goes through multiple levels of editing before it arrives in print. They might have a friend or their spouse read it, then a colleague, then a professional editor. If people who have been professional writers for decades know they benefit from this process, wouldn't you, as well?

In this workshop, we'll focus on tools for self-editing, best practices for editing others, and strategies for peer workshop sessions in the classroom. We'll talk about what your grammar check should be catching, and what it, Grammarly or ChatGPT might miss. You'll also have the opportunity to get attention on a piece of your own writing that you bring to the workshop.


9:00~9:10 Opening speech by Prof. Siaw-Fong Chung 

9:10~11:45 Workshop (Mr. Oliver Graham) 

11:45~12:15 An Introduction of the English Writing Tool: Writefull   (Yu-Che Yen, Ph.D. Student) new!

12:15~ 12:30 Q & A